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How to Defeat Dragon in League of Legends

In League of Legends, dragons are powerful neutral monsters that grant significant buffs and advantages to the team that defeats them. With the introduction of Elemental Drakes and Dragon Soul mechanics, securing dragons has become more important than ever. In this article, we’ll explore the strategies and tactics you can use to successfully defeat dragons and gain the upper hand in your matches.

Preparing for Dragon Fights

Before attempting to take down a dragon, it’s essential to prepare your team and the battlefield. This involves several key steps, such as warding the dragon pit and surrounding areas to gain vision control, tracking the enemy jungler’s movements to predict potential contest attempts, and ensuring your team has sufficient health and resources to commit to the fight.

Communication is also critical during this phase. Make sure to use pings and chat to coordinate with your teammates, discuss the best time to start the dragon, and assign roles for the upcoming fight (e.g., who will tank the dragon, who will zone the enemy team, etc.). For players looking to practice their dragon-taking skills and test new strategies, purchasing a league smurf account from a reputable provider like HappySmurf can be a great option. These high-quality accounts offer instant delivery, premium support, and secure payment methods, allowing you to jump straight into the action and focus on mastering dragon fights.

Engaging the Dragon

Once your team is prepared, it’s time to engage the dragon. The key to success here is to burst down the monster as quickly as possible while minimizing the damage your team takes. This is where having a designated tank champion can be incredibly helpful, as they can absorb the dragon’s attacks and allow the rest of the team to focus on dealing damage.

If the enemy team contests the dragon, it’s important to prioritize the fight over the objective. Use crowd control abilities to lock down key targets, and focus your damage on the enemy carries. If you can win the teamfight, securing the dragon afterward will be much easier.

Securing the Dragon Soul

With the introduction of the Dragon Soul mechanic, teams that manage to secure four dragons (all of the same element) will gain a powerful permanent buff that can significantly swing the game in their favor. This means that teams should prioritize dragon control throughout the game and be willing to contest each dragon spawn.

To maximize your chances of securing the Dragon Soul, communicate with your team to decide which elemental drake to prioritize based on your team composition and playstyle. For example, Infernal Drakes can be incredibly valuable for teams with high damage output, while Ocean Drakes can help sustain-heavy teams stay healthy in extended fights.

Dealing with Enemy Dragon Control

If the enemy team secures an early lead in dragon control, it can be tempting to give up on contesting further drakes. However, this can be a costly mistake, as allowing the enemy to secure the Dragon Soul uncontested can make it incredibly difficult to come back.

Instead, look for opportunities to catch the enemy off guard and steal the dragon with a well-timed smite or burst damage. Ward the enemy jungle and track their movements to predict when they might start the dragon, and be ready to collapse on them with your team. Even if you can’t secure the dragon itself, forcing the enemy to abort the attempt or winning a favorable teamfight can help swing the momentum back in your favor.


Defeating dragons in League of Legends requires a combination of preparation, communication, and execution. By warding key areas, coordinating with your team, and prioritizing the right elemental drakes for your playstyle, you can secure the powerful buffs and advantages that dragons provide and gain a significant edge over your opponents.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newer player looking to improve your objective control, practicing dragon fights and experimenting with different strategies is key to success. And with the option to purchase high-quality league smurf accounts from trusted providers like HappySmurf, you can accelerate your learning curve and take your skills to the next level even faster. So get out there, start taking those dragons, and dominate the Rift!